2021 Father's Day Classic Rules

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2021 Father’s Day Classic

Rules & General Info

Check-In – Teams are required to check-in 1 hr prior to their first game.  Check-in is located at the concession’s stand in the central crow’s nest building. Teams will turn in there Covid-19 waiver forms at this time.  Schedules will be available on the Tourney Machine app.

Fields – The 23Club complex consists of Pacific, American, National and Babe Ruth fields. Softball North and Softball South fields are the located directly across the parking lot to the east of the 23Club complex.  The complex is 1 block NW of the Scottsbluff High School.

Warm-up – Teams are allowed to warm up in the outfield prior to the game starting.  There will be NO infield warm-up for either team.  Please use the park area to the south of the complex or the park area across the parking lot from Pacific field to warm your teams up before your games.

No alcohol – the 23Club complex is a city-owned park and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

Point of Contact – Below is a list of contacts for your age divisions.  If you have any questions regarding schedules, rules, field conditions, bracket seeding, pitch counts, etc. please reach out to the appropriate POC for your division.  The tournament coordinator will be available to handle all other issues.

8U/9U – Geoff Groskoph (308) 765-8418

10U – Chad Libsack (308) 631-4601

11U – Matt Carpenter  (303) 775-3559

12U – Geoff Nemnich (308) 641-8084

13U/14U – Chris Kelley (308) 631-8102

Tournament Coordinator – Geoff Nemnich (308) 641-8084

Pitch Count Coordinator/Tourney Machine App – Jeromy Delgado (308) 641-8239


1.  Rules – In general, USSSA rules will be followed unless specifically outlined differently below.

  • Leading off/Stealing – permitted in all age groups (See specific rule for 8U)
  • Slash bunting will not be permitted. If a player slash bunts they will be out. Slash bunting is: when a player shows bunt and as the pitch is delivered, they pull the bat back and take a full swing at the ball.
  • Dropped 3rd Strike – in effect for all age groups except 8U
  • Infield fly rule is in effect for all age groups
  • Bats – USSSA BPF 1.15 and USA bats are permitted. Any USSSA or USA bat that has been banned from any baseball league will not be permitted.
  • 8U games only – No Leading off, runners may leave base after the ball crosses home plate.  No stealing home, players may only score on a batted ball or a bases-loaded walk.  10 run MAX per ½ inning.
  • Balks – There are no balks in the 8U division. In the 9U & 10U divisions, each pitcher will receive 1 warning per appearance.

2.  Pitching

  • 1/3 innings will be counted.  The pitcher will earn 1/3 inning for every out they record on the mound. As a coach please ensure that the pitch count cards you sign at the end of each game are correct.  The umpires will be keeping track.  Once the cards are signed and turned in, there will be no changes. Pitch count rosters will be updated on the tourney machine app and posted outside of the crow’s nest.
  • 8 total inning in 3 days
  • 6 inning maximum in 1 day
  • 3 inning maximum in 1 day without having to rest 1 day (If a pitcher throws 3 1/3 to 6 innings in 1 day they cannot pitch the next day)


Violation of the pitch count rule will result in the team forfeiting the game and that pitcher becoming ineligible to pitch the remainder of the tournament.The pitch count will be updated as frequently as possible but ultimately it is the coach’s responsibility to keep track.If a pitch count violation is discovered after the game is over, later in the tournament, the team will forfeit their current or upcoming game as well as the game the violation took place in.

3.  Run Rules in Effect (these will be in effect for pool play, bracket play and championship games)

  • 15 runs after 2 innings
  • 10 runs after 3 innings
  • 8 runs after 4 innings

4.  Time Limit

  • 1 hr, 40 mins or 6 innings.  There will be no time limit for the championship game of each bracket.

5.  Tie Breakers for Bracket Seeding

  1. Record
  2. Head to Head (only if 2 teams tied – if there is a 3-way tie or more it will go to run differential)
  3. Total Run Differential (only a max of +/- 7 run differential will be awarded in pool play games)
  4. Runs Allowed
  5. Runs Scored
  6. Coin Flip

Pool play games can end in a tie.  Ties will be counted as .5 win and .5 loss. If a bracket game ends in a tie, teams will start extra innings with 1 out and a runner on 2nd base.  This will not apply to championship games.

6.  A coin flip before each pool play game will determine the home team.  In bracket play, the highest seeded team will have their choice.  This will include the championship game. For example, the #1 seed will have their choice of home or away in bracket play until they lose.  

  • The home team will be responsible for finding a parent to run the score board.

7.  Umpire Harassment – there will be strict enforcement towards respecting umpires.  Coaches, parents & players demonstrating verbal or physical abuse, foul or profane language and/or relentless questioning and ridicule of the umpires will be ejected from the game and complex.  If coaches or parents are ejected, the tournament coordinator will make a decision whether their respective player will be ejected as well.  If the ejected person does not leave the property, their team will forfeit the game.  If a coach or player is ejected from a game, they will be unable to participate in the team’s next game as well.  There will be zero tolerance! Coaches please relay this message to your parents so that we can improve the player experience and set the right example for our baseball players. Only the head coach can debate a call with the official as long as it’s done in a positive manner and not meant to ridicule or belittle the umpire.

8. Teams will play pool play games on Friday and Saturday. You may have 2 games on Friday and 1 on Saturday or 1 on Friday and 2 on Saturday depending on how the schedule lays out.  If divisions are divided into 2 pools, the top half of teams in each pool will advance to championship bracket on Sunday. The bottom half of teams in each pool will play in a consolation game Sunday.

9. Refund Policy due to inclement weather

               0 games played - full refund minus $50 admin fee

               1 games played – 50% refund

               2 games played – 25% refund

               3 games played – no refund

10. Cancelation Policy

      If your team decides to cancel within 2 weeks prior to the tournament start date, your entry fee will be forfeited.

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