COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines

UpdatedMonday June 15, 2020 byJeromy Delgado.

With the 23Club baseball season kicking off here are some reminders.

  • If you haven't already, you will receive an email letting you know what team your player has been assigned to. Once our secretary has all the info entered into the system, coaches will receive contact information for all of their players. Coaches will be in contact with practice schedules once they have this info in the next few days.  If you don't hear from your coach by next Wednesday, please let us know. 
  • Pictures will take place on June 17th & 18th at Frank Park. Picture schedules and more info will be sent out as we get closer.
  • Uniforms and hats will be available for the coaches to hand out by June 15th.
  • League game schedules will be sent out by June 15th. 
  • Games will start on June 22nd. 

With practices startin, here are the Covid-19 suggestions and guidelines for the upcoming season at the 23Club complex.

  1. All parents/guardians and coaches will be required to sign the City of Scottsbluff Covid-19 waiver form along with the Cal Ripken/Baberuth Covid-19 waiver form. Your coach will have these next week to sign at practice. 
  2. 23Club recommends that all players carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in their bags and use it frequently at practices and games. 23Club will provide spray disinfectant to all of the coaches to use on equipment and dugout benches. 
  3. 23Club recommends that all players provide their own helmets, bats, catcher's gear and gloves this season.  We know that this is not a financial reality for some so team equipment will still be provided for those that can't provide their own. 23Club recommends coaches spray the team equipment with disinfectant spray routinely. 
  4. Masks will not be required for use by players/coaches but players/coaches can wear masks if they would like. 
  5. No sunflower seed use in the dugouts or on the fields by players or coaches. 
  6. No shared coolers or water jugs in the dugouts. Players need to bring their own, individually-labeled drink containers.  No shared snacks or treats will be allowed after the games. 
  7. There will not be customary team hand shakes at the ends of games.
  8. Players will utilize the bullpen areas and outside fence areas to place their personal bags and equipment during practices and games in order to space things out. 
  9. Players will use the dugouts during games while their team is batting. 23Club feels there is increased safety concerns of players being hit by foul balls and risk of players hurting themselves while being unsupervised if they are scattered outside the dugout during batting. If a parent would like their player to sit with them to be supervised while the team is batting that is acceptable and their decision. 
  10. 23Club recommends spectators brings their own chairs and social distance around the fencing during games. However, we realize the 23Club complex is not set up to accommodate spectators down the foul lines or in the outfields without congesting people into smaller areas and entry ways. The bleachers will be usable but 6 feet of social distancing needs to be present between family groups.
  11. The City of Scottsbluff will not be providing daily cleanings to the restrooms like normal so only the sinks for hand washing will be available.  23Club will maintain the sanitization and cleanliness of those areas. 23Club contracted out multiple porta-potties for the complex this season. Those units will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times each week by the provider and hand sanitizer stations will be located in each unit. 6 foot markings will be placed outside the bathrooms, porta-potty units and concessions stand to help with social distancing while waiting in line. 
  12. During practices, you will not be required to drop your player off and leave. 23Club feels this is an unrealistic request to ask of a parent with young children. If you elect to stay and watch practices, please utilize the same social distancing that will take place once games start. 
  13. The concessions stand will be open once games start. 23Club leases out the concessions stand to an independent food service provider. They are required to obtain the same licensing and health & safety inspections as any other food service provider in Scottsbluff. The concessions stand will operate under and follow the same guidelines that restaurants and food trucks are currently following.
  14. Signage will be placed around the complex to remind players and spectators of these guidelines. 
  15. If you don't feel that these guidelines for conducting operations at the 23Club complex will offer a safe environment for you or your player this baseball season, please contact us as soon as possible and we be happy to refund your registration fee. Player participation and spectator attendance is voluntary. 

Thanks for your continued support of 23Club baseball and we are looking forward to a fun and rewarding summer of baseball!

23Club Baseball COVID-19 Release Form.pdf
23Club COVID-19 Guidelines.pdf