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UpdatedFriday May 15, 2020 by23Club Baseball.

23Club Baseball is a 501 C 3 Non-Profit organization which has been giving boys the opportunity to play baseball since 1937.  In 2019, over 390 kids from Scottsbluff and the surrounding area participated in the program making it the largest youth sports program in the region.  Each season, 23 Club hosts 3-4 tournaments in which 100's of families from around the tri-state area descend upon Scottsbluff.  These families spend thousands of dollars at local hotels, restaurants, and businesses.  

Unfortunately, the 23Club field complex has become dilapidated to the point where conditions are no longer optimal for fostering a safe, friendly & family-orientated atmosphere.  The last update to the facility was in the early 1980's and a large portion of the infrastructure is over 50 years old.  The bathroom facilities are rundown, small and inadequate for some to use.  Nothing in the complex meets ADA standards or is handicapped accessible.  The entire complex is covered in gravel with no forms of shade making summer conditions unbearable at times for spectators and players.  The existing building which houses the concessions stand, bathrooms, crow's nest and storage areas is falling apart in places and nothing meets current code standards.  

In order to provide a more safe, friendly & family -orientated atmosphere for players and their families, the 23Club Board of Directors have laid out a plan for a major renovation of the entire complex.  This plan includes a new central building that will house the concessions stand, updated ADA accessible bathrooms, abundant storage, conference room, as well as updated heating/cooling/plumbing/electrical.  The plan also includes stadium style seating at each field, new fencing and backstops, new dugouts, sidewalks, landscaping, trees, picnic tables, a playground, and a new batting cage facility.  Additional updates to the field lighting, parking lot, field resurfacing and irrigation will be included in additional phases to the project. 

The initial cost of Phase 1 is $1.35M and is slated to begin in August 2020.  The 23Club will be using a combination of city resources, grants and private donations to fund this project.  The cost of Phase 2 is approx. $250,000 and will include parking lot improvements, field resurfacing and updating the irrigation system. The cost of Phase 3 is approx. $510,000 and will include new LED field lighting for the complex. Phase 2 and 3 will be complexed as soon as funds are raised. 

Donors for the project will be recognized on a large memorail plackard on the side of the concessions building.  Depending on the amount of the donation, additional recognition will come in the form of permanent metal signs on the back of the dugout fences, engraved benches throughout the complex and field naming rights. 

If you are interested in donating to this great project, please contact 23Club President, Geoff Nemnich, at 308-641-8084 or geoff@coyotecraze.com.

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